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The History of the Trap Shoot - we would love your help!

The History of the Trap Shoot - we would love your help!

The History of the Trap Shoot - we would love your help!

As we are looking forward to the 2021 Eric Sanders Memorial Trap Shoot we are also thinking about how the Trap Shoot got started. 

Here are some things we know about the Trap Shoot:

  • It was a great day for people in the construction industry to get together and celebrate.
  • There was always an atmosphere of friendly camaraderie and competition
  • The trap shoot used to be held in the fall - getting ready for the start of hunting season, but more recently it has been held in the spring closer to Father's Day
  • The trap shoot has always been in support of education - raising money for scholarship and supporting the Woodland High School Trap Team
  • There was always a great lunch at the event
  • Most "action shots" at the trap shoot are pictures of the backs of people
  • It has been named after Eric Sanders - a past board member who passed away from cancer and who left an incredible mark on this association, was always the life of the party and really knew how to get things done! (Thank you to Bryce Sinner, Mike Bomar, Bill Smith and many more who shared memories of Eric).  Here is an awesome picture (courtesy of Bryce of Eric in his element at a bbq)

Here are some pictures that we have from 2011:
And here are some more recent pics from 2017 (we think):

Tracey Malone also shared these two pictures:
2016 - Eric Sander and Joe Curry teaching her son how to shoot

Her son meeting Curt Warner at the Trap Shoot

Thanks for sharing the pics Tracey!

We would love to learn more about this event - do you know when it started?  Do you have other memories or details?  Give us a shout out at and let us know.  We would love to add to this page!
Thanks for reading!


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