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​Catching up with Tom Collins

​Catching up with Tom Collins

​Catching up with Tom Collins

Tom Collins and his service plaqueI caught up with Tom Collins recently for a quick chat about SWCA history.  As you may already know, Tom’s grandfather was Larry O. Collins – one of the founding members of SWCA.  Tom is one of three grandsons of Larry who followed in the construction footsteps of their grandfather and their father Mike Collins.  Brother Pat has an equipment rental business, Tom is a big equipment operator, and Casey is in property management.

Tom shared some great history of SWCA during our conversation. Following are some of our tidbits from the conversation. (Pictured:  Tom Collins)

What was your role at SWCA?
Tom was a board member and board president from 2002 – 2004. During his time, the board instituted the 2 year term for board presidents.  They felt that at one year, the president was just getting started, so with a two-year term they were able to get more accomplished.

When was your first involvement with SWCA?
Tom was a member of SWCA starting in 1998.  He continues his involvement through the family membership.

What is your “funnest” memory of SWCA?
“Well, that would have to be the golf tournament,” mentioned Tom, “it was a great way to spend a day on the golf course, socializing and networking with friends.”  It was always a great Friday off and out of the office. “But then, all SWCA events were a fun way to see people and network,” he added.

When Tom was in high school, the Board would hold their annual meetings in Kona, Hawaii. The kids got to go along and had a great time while the parents were busy with the meetings.  It was a great time.
Thank your for your service Tom!
What are you most proud of from your time with SWCA?

“My agenda was to focus on local jobs in SW Washington done by local contractors,” said Tom.  To accomplish this goal we need to ensure that we have enough local contractors to do the work.  This was also the goal of his grandfather- Larry O. Collins - to make sure that the local employers were able to do local work.

There were lots of awesome events during Tom’s time – lots of fishing trips like the Spring Salmon Derby and the Salmon Slam.  At the end of the summer they held the Trap Shoot to prepare for hunting season.

What did you learn from your time at SWCA?

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me and thank you so much for your service to the association!

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